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Nishant Rao

University of Houston

Nishant Rao is a PhD student at the University of Houston, with a major in Motor Behavior. Originally from India, he is based in Houston, where he carries out his studies.  Nishant's research interest lies in understanding neural basis of sensorimotor control and learning. Nishant's ongoing projects are aimed at characterizing mechanisms that underlie routine tasks such as grasping, learning to control digit forces, and maintaining upright balance in healthy and clinical populations. Nishant has been actively involved in the NSF IUCRC BRAIN Center as REU Graduate Mentor, and has served in several events as promoting STEM education. In a broader context, Nishant plans to bridge the understanding in cognitive and sensorimotor neuroscience with effective rehabilitation among patients with neurological disorders. He is a graduate research assistant at the University of Houston Noninvasive Brain-Machine Interface Systems Laboratory, directed by Prof. Jose Contreras-Vidal.