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Heidi Latsky

Artistic/ Executive Director, Heidi Latsky Dance 

Heidi Latsky Dance is a New York-based, female-run organization dedicated to the creation of relevant, immersive performance art that is accessible to all. HLD was founded in 2001 and has gone through different creative phases. Currently, the focus is on expanding into interactive technology through collaborations with entities like Google’s Creative Lab, Fashion Institute of Technology and Evolving Technologies. 

Latsky has always leaned towards a humanistic approach, with the first ten years of her choreographic career focused on evening-length works that examined aspects of humanity that deeply affected her. Her critically acclaimed DISJOINTED (2006) for instance was a trio with a Greek chorus of 25 that dealt with her mother’s long bout with illness and the repercussions of her death.

In 2006, Boston-based disabled interdisciplinary artist Lisa Bufano commissioned Latsky to create a 25-minute solo. Bufano’s vulnerability and fierceness set a new standard for all Latsky’s  dancers and ultimately the nature of her choreography. This collaboration was the catalyst for an artistic shift towards inclusivity and unconventional diversity, sparking a ten-year period of work titled The GIMP Project.