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Jonathan Fritz

Program Manager, Cognitive Neuroscience Program, SBE Directorate, National Science Foundation | Visiting Scholar, Center for Neural Science, New York University

Jonathan Fritz received undergraduate degrees in Mathematics from York University (Canada) and in Physiology, Psychology and Philosophy from Oxford University (England) and his PhD in Neuroscience at Brown University studying the neural basis of echolocation. His postdoctoral research at NIH was on acoustic communication and auditory memory. He joined Shihab Shamma in the Neural Systems Laboratory at the University of Maryland from 2000-2019 where his work focused on the role of neural plasticity in auditory perception, attention, learning and memory. He joined the National Science Foundation as a Program Manager in Cognitive Neuroscience in 2020. Although he has never engaged in research on the neurobiology of dance, he has always been fascinated by the expressiveness and joy of dance and creative movement, danced in two performing folkdance groups in graduate school, and has enthusiastically contributed to organization of this Workshop.